Customised Precision Machining Solutions

Tailor-made to Fit Your Needs

Adaptable, flexible and reliable, our core strengths lie in being able to work with our clients to customise products to their specific needs. Our production team is ready to adapt your products to a wide range of designs, materials, heat treatments, surface treatments, manufacturing tolerances, order quantities, and more.

Mass Production Capabilities

Equipped with industry-standard facilities, mass production for high-volume orders or mass customization for diverse customer needs is nothing to worry about. As the pioneer in providing solutions to mechanical parts and modules, we dedicate ourselves to cooperating with you to analyse, design, build and integrate products that match your requirements, no matter if it includes revamping an existing product, or producing a new one.

Tolerance as Low as ±0.005mm

As a precision manufacturing company, we constantly redefine our standards in precision to keep up with ever-changing market demands. Currently, we are capable of providing precision-engineered mechanical solutions with tolerances as low as ±0.005mm for semiconductor industries. We also embrace new and emerging technologies by fabricating various types of “test toolings” for the semiconductor industry, such as Ball Grid Array (BGA), Chip Scale Package (CSP), System in Package (SiP), and Chip on Board (COB) products.

Our consistency in upholding quality services and providing an unmatched customer experience has helped us establish long-term collaborations with many well-known clients in the industry. Experience for yourself the benefits of working with SE Micro by getting in touch today.